Common sense lacking

To the editor:
I recently read a story by The Canadian Press where the Liberal government in Ontario is about to raise the electricity rates to large industrial users.
They must be very blind. This province spends millions of tax dollars every year trying to bring industry to Ontario and now they are trying to chase that industry away.
In Northwestern Ontario, we have few major industry—and they rely on affordable energy. One of these industries is forestry and over the last decade, we have lost many jobs in this industry because of high energy costs.
Last winter, for instance, we witnessed saw mills in our areas shut down because of high electricity costs. We also have a couple of the paper mills in our area that may be shut down and I am sure energy is one of the major factors.
I saw an article in one of our leading Canadian newspapers on the trouble the textile industry in Quebec is facing, and that the federal and provincial governments are going to help them out with about $1 billion so they don’t go south of the border.
It would be nice to think that Premier Dalton McGuinty and Prime Minister Paul Martin could come through for us in Northwestern Ontario and find some money for the forestry Industry to secure the resources it takes to make them energy efficient and to allow these well-paying jobs to stay here.
As we all know, without these higher-paying jobs and the tax base from businesses like the forestry industry, we cannot support the communities and local businesses—and it becomes a major drain on the provincial coffers.
I urge residents of Northwestern Ontario to send your MP nd MPP a letter stressing how important it is to help our industries here to become energy self-sufficient, so they stay in the north and continue to invest in our communities.
A concerned resident,
Wesley Webb
Dryden, Ont.