Common courtesy

Dear sir:
We, Doc Halliday’s Cuban Cigar House, rent the back of the building and the parking lot on the east side of the Royal Canadian Legion. And for three years now, we have had to remind the local residents not to park in this lot unless they have a paid spot on the east side of the parking lot.
There is a public parking lot across from the Legion.
We have been yelled and cursed at by Legion customers and downtown employees, yet there are signs everywhere stating this is a reserved lot.
We understand the lack of parking in our downtown core, especially for our American friends who are hauling boats and campers.
But you would think that if we at least let them park in this lot, that maybe they will go downtown and do some shopping there, too, as they are always asking where to go to eat or find a souvenir.
We are only open for five months of the year, but we have rent to pay all year. All we ask is that you have the common courtesy to leave the west side of the parking lot open for the customers of our business.
If you continue to park in this lot, then the Americans just drive right on by and no one benefits!
Sandra McNay
Fort Frances, Ont.