Commendable foresight

Dear sir:
Looking back to when our Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship was not full to over-flowing with teams, and there wasn’t a waiting list to fish it, the committee called me and asked if I would go the Minneapolis sport and travel show to promote our bass tourney.
With a budget from the committee and wife, Sandi, we travelled to Minneapolis, stayed with friends, and attended the show for all 10 days.
The first thing I did was to get in touch with my long-time friend and fishing partner, Ted Capra (of Capra Sports and Capra’s Outdoors TV). We then rounded up Al Lindner and made the rounds of the sport show, passing out the bass tourney’s entry forms and talking to all the potential bass fishermen we could find.
With Ted having a very large booth in the show, his time was limited. However, in between Al’s seminars, he spent a lot of time with me introducing me to everyone he could who fished bass.
I recall what an easy sell it really was with the biggest ambassador to our tourney ever by my side promoting our bass championship.
If I recall, I think after all the help Al gave me, our tourney was full (or close to it) the following year, and we know that he continues to promote the tourney and the fishery we have on Rainy Lake.
In fact, he chose to do one of the first TV shows of his new show, The Angler’s Edge, on Rainy Lake.
In response to the FFCBC committee’s decision to allow Al Lindner a spot in our tourney for as long as he would like to fish it, I commend the committee to have the foresight to do so.
Alan Meline
Nestor Falls, Ont.