Come out of Dark Ages

Dear editor:
I think we should consider the reasoning behind the proposed ban for smoking in public places. Picture putting a lighted cigarette into the mouth of a two-year-old and making her inhale. Disgusting you say?
Have you ever brought a young one into a restaurant or a coffee shop where smoking is allowed, and the smoking section starts one table over from you? You may not see the smoke particles in the air all the time but they are there.
I don’t think anyone wants our children or young family members to have to breathe this in.
How much are we willing to do to give our kids clean air to breath, and to keep them from starting the habit? Would waiting until we are outside for a puff be too much of a sacrifice?
The enforcement of such a bylaw seems to be an obstacle for some, but is it really? What did it cost to enforce a no-smoking rule in municipally-owned and other government buildings? The schools? The hospital? The McDonald’s restaurant?
It would be difficult for some at first but when it becomes socially unacceptable to smoke in a public place, the ban would become self-enforcing. Smokers will realize it’s for the good of the children, the non-smokers, and maybe even ultimately themselves, as I don’t know of even one heavy long-term smoker who does not deep down want to quit.
Some of our politicians want us “to go someplace else” to get clean air, and our business owners do not want to upset their smoking patrons.
Who will start the ball rolling here? I think it’s time we come out of the Dark Ages on this and work together to give our children and young adults—wherever they might be—clean air to breathe, and good examples to live by.
Isn’t that a right we all have?
Paul Forget
Fort Frances, Ont.
P.S. Kudos to Dr. Sarsfield for bringing this out in the open.