Clean up this mess

Al Peterson

Dear Mr. Editor:
This is an open letter to Mayor Avis and members of town council:
I understand we have had a lot of snow to be moved in the last couple of months, and the last thing you would like to hear are complaints from the public.
I am over 80 years old and I drive a scooter to get around from my home to the downtown core. This scooter affords me the opportunity to remain independent with my lifestyle and as such, I value it tremendously.
As of late, I have had to drive on the road as most sidewalks remained plugged for some time, including those in the downtown core. When Scott Street was plowed, all the snow ended up on the curb and sidewalk.
This was a disaster—a safety hazard that should not be allowed today, tomorrow, or ever.
I don’t know how many seniors and others fell trying to get over the snowbank after parking their vehicles, only to try to walk on a sidewalk full of ice and snow.
Where was the Chamber of Commerce or BIA? Why didn’t you guys complain? Seems you want business in the downtown core but are blind to the accessibility of the area. No wonder residents shop at businesses that are accessible (Wal-Mart, Canadian Tire, International Falls, etc.)
Do you not pay taxes for the service of snow removal?
Even when Scott Street sidewalks were cleared, they left piles and large chunks of snow all along Scott Street on both sides. What a safety hazard and a mess!
Piles of snow, high banks, snow reducing road width, unopen sidewalks, and unopen sidewalk entrances (after the snowplow went by) have caused accidents and is uncalled for. Maybe it’s time to get someone at Public Works who knows how to clear our streets, alleys, sidewalks, and snowbanks so traffic and pedestrian safety will not be jeopardized.
It’s probably not safe for my scooter or me to be on these slippery roads. It’s difficult enough for traffic to get around without worrying about sliding into some old guy on a scooter, or running into me because they can’t see over or around the snowbanks at the intersections.
I don’t want excuses; just get the job done—and get it done right. Now get out there and clean up this mess.
Thank you,
Al Peterson
Fort Frances, Ont.