Clarifying some issues

Dear sir:
The board has been asked to clarify certain issues related to the operations and management of Rainycrest Home for the Aged. Hopefully, the following clarifies matters and satisfies the concerns forwarded.
The newly-constituted board took over responsibility for the home at its first meeting Dec. 16, 2003. At that time, the home was under Ministry of Long-Term Care enforcement and the board approved the extension of coaching services with Responsive Health Management as funded by the ministry until March 31, 2004.
At the Jan. 22 meeting, the board began to deal with budgeting matters along with ongoing non-compliance issues related to resident care. In February, the administrator was directed to communicate with Riverside Health Care Facilities Inc. (the hospital) and try to identify areas that could be mutually beneficial to both operations.
Formal discussion started in March and the first steps were taken when the board approved the Human Resources consulting, and later, payroll and benefit administrative services with the hospital.
In July, the board chair updated the municipalities by way of letter (dated July 19th) as to the possible options being investigated by the board.
At this time, the board agreed its first preference was to work with the hospital to negotiate a partnership/integration or amalgamation, with a view to better serve all the residents of Rainycrest and improve efficiencies if possible.
As a result of this, the hospital contracted to have a study done to investigate the various aspects related to a possible amalgamation and, upon its completion, share the results with the Rainycrest board.
A special meeting of the board was held on Nov. 9, which included reviewing proposals by various organizations. Representations were made by board members Onichuk and Kabel as to motions passed by Fort Frances town council the previous day yet not received formally by the board from the town.
Although no specific proposal was received from the hospital, a motion was made by Dan Onichuk, seconded by Neil Kabel and carried, that read as follows: “That the Rainycrest board of management proceed with negotiations with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and Riverside Health Care Facilities, Inc. in attempt to form a future partnership/merger.”
This was forwarded to the hospital.
At a regular meeting on Nov. 30, the board was advised by the hospital board chair Craig Sanders, during an open public meeting, that the motion was not clear enough for the ministry.
Since the board was not advised of this previously, we requested a written response to this matter, which was received later that day and followed with a copy of the consultant’s feasibility study.
At a special meeting on Dec. 8, the board reviewed the information received from the hospital board and a motion clarifying the Nov. 9 motion was passed. Also passed was a motion to request assistance from the ministry in the management of the Home.
To date, discussions with the hospital and the ministry continue on wide range of issues—with the number-one focus of the board being, and has been, the care of residents and fiscal responsibility.
Dennis Brown, Chair
Rainycrest Board
of Management