Christmas thoughts

Dear editor:
Thank you for having this section for letters.
We used to decry the commercialization of Christmas and began saying, “Put the Christ back in Christmas.” Now some want store managers and others to perform in the “Christmas spirit.”
I hope the recent victory over Wal-Mart in the United States is not a portent that Christians are losing the greater war.
In all of these controversies, there is a disturbing lack of a sense of sacredness concerning this holy event—the advent of the long-awaited Messiah.
Scripture says we are to consider ourselves blessed if we suffer for the sake of righteousness. Jesus laid down His life so we could live for Him, not to dictate how other people should treat us and our special days. True faith cannot be forced or coerced.
The concern of all should be for the welfare of those in the workplace who, tragically, are under pressure to give greetings that may be feigned, alienating them further from living truthfully.
The freedom of speech, which is so necessary to the cause of Christ, also is necessary for, and precious to, everyone else.
Jesus warned us against speaking idle, insincere words, so how can we ask others to speak them?
Let us put every effort into demonstrating the Gospel, speaking the words of God that will provoke in others a desire to know Him, giving glory to His great name.
Peace on earth to men of good will.
Jean Clink
Barwick, Ont.