Christmas spirit

Dear sir:
The spirit of giving thrives on Third Street West.
On Dec. 21, I was preparing to leave for the Falls airport when the snowplow passed by and blocked my driveway. I was shovelling it out when a car stopped and a young man ran over to me, took the shovel, and finished the job.
I started to thank him and he said, “You know, my grandmother would be very upset with me if she knew I passed by without helping.”
When I arrived home from the airport, my driveway was completely plowed out.
Besides the young man who stopped to help me, I would like to take this opportunity to thank my friends and neighbours for helping me with snowblowing over the years.
Many thanks to George, Bob, Mark, and Joe, and of course, the gentleman who stopped to help me on Dec. 21.
God bless him, his grandmother, and my neighbours and friends.
Marg Rousseau