Celebrate centennial

Dear editor,
Visions and dreams of the pioneers are what started our communities more than 100 years ago.
Devlin and Woodyatt Townships had been surveyed in 1875 and settlers began arriving in the 1880s. Burriss was not surveyed until 1897, and settlers from the United States began arriving in 1898.
In 1904, the three townships were incorporated as the Municipality of La Vallee.
There are many noticeable changes in the community since those early days. The mighty La Vallee River that was once a very deep, wide, unobstructed river with a strong current is now usually a gentle stream that meanders along well within its banks.
Instead of seeing steamboats on the Rainy River, we see the occasional fishing boat. The grist mill, sawmills, and creameries are long gone. We now find modern homes where they once stood.
Three years ago, the La Vallee Centennial Committee was formed. Through lots of hard work, dedication, and some fun, a beautiful leather-bound history book has been printed. A cookbook of “old” and new recipes, as well as souvenirs, can be found around the community.
Each month we have planned a different activity. In January, we started the centennial year off with the re-enactment of the first council meeting in 1904.
We are looking for former residents of La Vallee Township to come back home and help us celebrate. The big party begins on Thursday, July 1 and ends on Sunday, July 4. Many exciting activities have been planned—be assured it will be worth the trip home.
If you would like more information about the La Vallee Township 2004 Centennial, contact Maxine at 274-6049 (maxineh@jam21.net), Sheri at 486-3535 (stamarsk@nwonet.net), or Liz at 482-3334 (lizdon@jam21.net), or you can visit our website at www.lavallee.ca
Come out for a century’s worth of celebration!
From the
La Vallee Township
Centennial Committee