Can do!

Recently we had the opportunity to experience the performance of “100 Years of Broadway” by the Rainy River Community Care. It was an exceptionally delightful evening we thoroughly enjoyed.
The group and their leaders are to be commended for their hard work, confidence, and pursuit of excellence. We look forward to hearing them again in the near future.
We live in a region with more than its fair share of “nay sayers,” “Gloomy Gus’s,” and “Can’t-be-doners.” We have no future, have no hope, and can’t accomplish anything in this region because we’re too isolated, too disadvantaged, too discriminated against, or just too dumb are widely held and oft-repeated perceptions.
In fact, we have the resources and talents to succeed quite marvelously at most anything we care to strive for. The Rainy River Community Choir soundly demonstrated the abilities and joy of a “can do” attitude.
Yours truly,
J.H. (Jack) and
Norma Elliott