Call for town hall meetings on pros and cons of nuclear waste repository

Dear editor,

With regards to the proposed Nuclear Waste Repository in the Ignace area, the Nuclear Waste Management had started our with many possibility’s for this repository in the granites in the Canadian Shield two of which they have already ruled out because the water out of the repository area flowed into the Great Lakes and into the Atlantic Water Shed now they are down to two sites one in South Bruce that is close to the OPG generating site and the other is Ignace. We have heard from the Nuclear Waste Management Team how this will bring many jobs to Northwestern Ontario how harmless this Waste is for Northwestern Ontario and how this will be a new industry for us like mining and forestry, they have not told us anything of the negative side like how bad are hyway are to transport the Waste with many opportunities for accidents and spills in are waterways or if their science is wrong and radioactive leaks into the water shed and and destroys the watersheds of the English River or Rainey River and through to the Arctic Ocean watershed, also is there a possibility of them creating a Waste dumping ground for Toronto’s Waste also. Today their plan is for a repository north of highway 17 by 40 km west of Ignace but when that area is full they had a site south of highway 17 that the water would flow towards the Turtle River, I would only hope that if people have a concern with this Nuclear Waste they talk to the MPs and MPPs and have them get town hall meetings in their community and have informed scientists from both sides explain the Pros and Cons to this idea. This is our part of Ontario and Canada we have strived to keep it clean let’s not allow them to destroy that.

Thank you
Wesley Webb


PS I would also like to thank the people that print the Fort Frances Times and the readers that keep this wonderful paper going it is one of the last papers of its kind in or part of the country.