Broken Heart

Dear sir:
My thirteen year old daughter, Kristina Bombay, was invited to perform at this year’s “Quest for the Best” as a guest performer.
I am proud to say that her performance was phenomenal. It takes a great deal of courage and talent for any performer to stand in front of such a massive crowd.
My wife and I received many rave reviews and compliments on Kristina’s stage presence and singing talent.
We were both surprised and pleased to learn that “Quest for the Best” would be televised. We phoned friends and family in Fort Frances to set their VCR’s for ‘record.’ Our family congregated at my sister-in-laws home for the event.
As we counted down the performers, our excitement and anticipation grew. Kristina had performed during the intermission. To our disappointment, the intermission was deleted from the televised broadcast. No Kristina. Our hearts sank. Kristina’s heart sank.
Thanks Shaw Cable, for breaking a little girl’s heart.
Anthony C. Bombay
Emo, ON