Breathing room

Dear sir:
The article which appeared in last week’s Fort Frances Times regarding the proposed building project at Sturgeon Creek Alternative Program (SCAP) requires some clarification.
The student numbers at SCAP have been maintained at a constant level for some time, and I have been assured by school administration and the building committee chair that this policy will continue into the future.
So, rather than being a planned “expansion” with the aim of accommodating additional students, as was intimated in the article, it is, in fact, a renovation—designed solely to enhance the environment and opportunities for the existing and future students!
The proposal (which, by the way, will be totally self-financed) will solve, as stated, the unsatisfactory staff room/classroom situation. In addition, it will allow the creation of a presently non-existing computer facility and also a science/multi-purpose room.
Combined with the new and much-needed gymnasium, the project—when completed—will provide the students with not only an enhanced environment but also some breathing room.
Ron McAlister,
Trustee, Rainy River
District School Board