Bravo to The Drowzy Chaperone

Dear editor,

Wow! I always knew Fort Frances and surrounding area had a vast amount of talent, but The Drowsy Chaperone absolutely blew me away! What a fun evening that was! This musical within a comedy was held a the Townshend Theatre from Nov. 17-20. The cast and crew put on an absolutely fantastic show, full of laughter and musical moments beyond belief. Every actor/acress was perfectly cast. Darren Derendorf was amazing! What a storyteller and with so much script to have memorized! The statue-like figures, when frozen in place were so much fun to watch, ne’er a movement when Darren was narrating!

What a powerful sound when the entire cast sang together, truly a Broadway production. We need this type of first-class entertainment to continue Row I Theatre under the direction of Trevor Barker has just begun its hopefully long journey in our community and surrounding area.

Accolades to Trevor as director/choreographer and vocal director, Renée Martin-Brown and the entire behind the scenes cast… Costumes, stage manager, tech, props/sets, hair, makeup and the backstage crew. There were also a whole list of amazing people Trevor listed on the programme and to whom he gave special thanks.

As audience members, we sometimes do not think of folks backstage who give endless hours of their time to make the onstage singers and actors look fabulous!

Kudos to all involved! Thank you for an amazing evening of entertainment!

Diane Maxey