Border Blues

Dear editor,

Not all travellers realize it is mandatory to fill out the ArriveCAN app before returning to the Canadian side of the border.

I did not have my receipt ready for customs on the ArriveCAN app.

Border officers state that this is a wide spread problem – but what is being done to correct the problem? Nothing so far.

Travellers who have been double and triple vaccinated, have a negative COVID test and a valid passport will be put under 14 day quarantine if they do not fill out the ArriveCAN app.

People who work are forced to take vacation to cover the 14 day quarantine. They must take a COVID test the day they enter Canada even if they present customs with a negative test taken that same day. They must take a COVID test on day 8 of their arrival. That is two unnecessary tests!

The unnecessary tests are costing Canadian health. There is the cost of Purolating the tests to Mississauga, plus the cost of processing the test, plus the cost of manpower to facilitate each step in this unnecessary testing. On top of all this I have to report everyday that I have no symptoms.

I have talked to Purolator and the cost if I had to send in the test would be $61.00. The cost to the government is much less, but say it costs $10 and 20 workers send 300 tests daily that is a cost of mailing the tests would be $60,000 daily. That is for one Purolator office.
Purolator does not pick up in my area.

I am in quarantine and cannot take the test into the Purolator mail box.

Someone phones me almost daily. Yesterday I had a caller state that he was checking to see if I was in compliance of the quarantine rules. Does that make sense? I was but if I was not would I tell him?

Maxine Hayes