Dear Editor,

I am writing this in response to Councillor Judson’s article. This is in support of Lynn Beyak. I do not know this lady. I have never met her, or any of her family, nor have I visited her website. What I am supporting is the truth, along with our right to freedom of speech, both of which we seem to be losing with our present government.

Who are you, Mr. Judson, to be her judge and jury? Do you believe that the only ones allowed to opine are the government sponsored mainstream media? There are very important issues in Fort Frances and northwestern Ontario that are being neglected, such as homelessness, drug and alcohol addiction and infrastructure – especially in the north end. Mr. Judson, clean up your own back yard before judging others. Your own self importance has overstepped, it appears, your position as town councillor.

In my opinion, there should be no unelected senate.

George Bliss