‘Billion dollar security’

Michael J. Baranowski

Dear Editor,
The security may have stopped the violators form entering the G20 summit conference room, but allowed the anarchists to do considerable damage and get away with it while the peaceful demonstrators paid for their actions by being jailed with a record arrest of six hundred-plus.
These anarchists were masked and unrecognizable, and should have been arrested for identity purposes but they let them go as they did not show up on the second day.
“Yes,” it was a hit and run affair, which was practiced at the Vancouver Olympics as well as Quebec City, Seattle, etc. Surely, the security should have recognized the difference between the masked violators and the unmasked demonstrators.
The result of this was poor strategy by the security forces and smart thinking by the anarchists.
At future conferences, wherever they are, they should learn the violators’ hit and run method and react to it by arresting them first for identity purposes and disallowing them from any violent demonstration in future events.
We, the Canadian taxpayers, will suffer the most from this unnecessary tragedy and the enormous expense for the security that only did half of their commitments protecting the world’s dignitaries and allowing chaos performed by the violators at the G20 summit.
The only positive outcome of this summit was that all the countries signed the petition that was laid out before them, which could possibly restore the economic factor of all countries involved.
Michael J. Baranowski