Biased comments

Dear sir:
Every week, people throughout the district look forward to reading the articles in the Fort Frances Times about their own and other communities in the area.
It is unfortunate that the Mine Centre correspondent for the Times chose to report her personal bias regarding a community event in Mine Centre. The remarks made in the June 23 edition of the Times about a musical group and a sample of people in attendance have inflamed and saddened those who worked to organize and operate the event.
The statements also distressed and angered others who have helped and attended at various times. The Mine Centre Community Hall Association, while not involved in writing the article (other than providing this reporter with the results of those winning prizes in the fish derby), regrets the discord that has been caused.
We appreciate the talents and work of all the musicians who have provided entertainment throughout the past few years. We would never denigrate any of them by saying one was better than another.
Our volunteers are our most valuable asset. We appreciate everything they do to provide events for the enjoyment of the people in our community and area.
We are dismayed that the editor of Fort Frances Times permitted a reporter’s personal biased remarks to be published. We hope it will not happen again. We look forward to continuing to enjoy the Mine Centre community news.
Thank you to all our supporters and volunteers.
Yours truly,
Peggy Johnson,
for the Mine Centre
Community Hall Assoc.