Ban U.S. imports

Dear sir:
In last Thursday’s Daily Bulletin, there was an article on Canada winning a NAFTA ruling on the long-running softwood lumber dispute with the United States.
We then believed the U.S.-imposed duties on Canadian softwood lumber exports would be lifted.
These duties hit all parts of Canada, but B.C. and Northern Ontario the worse. At least, the paper mill at Red Rock had a hard time finding wood to replace the slabs that were no longer available, and many small sawmills had to close.
Our neighbours across the river are co-operative, helpful, and good people. The Minnesota state government is the same. But the U.S. federal government in Washington, D.C. knows its awesome power—and no longer believes in its own laws.
Our government has great difficulty in dealing with its powerful neighbour.
I believe we should ban the imports of all U.S.-made goods until the softwood lumber duties are removed, and our cattle are also welcome south of the border.
Thank you,
Ron Helliar
Fort Frances, Ont.