To the editor:
Re: Students learn realities of drug abuse (April 25 edition of the Times)
How about talking to kids about the realities of prohibition? About how prohibition is more of a danger to users and to society than legalized drugs ever could be?
Or about how prohibition makes “dangerous” drugs more available to them than healthy lunches?
Just once I would love to see a group of school kids get a visit from someone like me—a drug law reform advocate and former pharmaceutical addict who has managed to improve his life dramatically with clean diet and the responsible use of cannabis.
Or my wife, an epileptic who was having 60 seizures a year but who had only three last year because of cannabis.
But then, the school propaganda only spins one way: “Street drugs bad, doctor drugs good. Do as we say, not as we do.”
Luckily most kids are smart enough not to believe prohibitionist balderdash.
Russell Barth
Medical marijuana
licence holder
Ottawa, Ont.