‘Bag tags’ not the answer

Dear sir:
The meetings held last Tuesday (May 18) did not allow for proper discussion of the plan for waste disposal for Fort Frances.
People were rightly upset with the way this plan was presented—many people voiced their concerns that this was a done deal. It appeared to be that way from the presentation.
Everything seems to be in place for “bag tags”—Type ‘A’ receptacle, Type ‘B’ receptacle, etc.
When well over 100 people show up to voice their displeasure, you can multiply that several times since not too many people show up in council chambers for other matters.
The first time I heard anything about limits on trash pickup, I thought we were getting two bags or cans picked up free per week and would need a tag on anything exceeding that.
I thought that garbage pickup was a necessary service covered in our taxes. It now appears that council thinks otherwise. Since moving here in 1967, garbage pickup was part of the services provided by the town and covered in our taxes.
One thing that bothered me at the meeting (there were other things that bothered me), was the amount of money that was going to be charged for businesses to have their trash picked up. It looked like the Mafia had discovered a lucrative business to go along with their other business ventures.
The money that businesses would have to come up with was ridiculous and criminal.
I am firmly supportive of Ken Perry and Don Christian in their concerns over the issue of “bag tags” and the manner in which the issue has been handled.
Since some items were removed from the approved list of recyclables, some people stopped recycling. A number of times, the “blue boxes” were not emptied on the scheduled dates and this probably caused some more people to put these items into their garbage pickup.
Rather than reducing the items that will be picked up for recycling, an effort should be exerted to increase the amount of recyclables by picking up more items (such as #5, #7, and other plastics, also all cardboard, not just corrugated).
If I had the plan in front of me, I’m sure there would be a number of other things I could comment on.
It really irritates me that all of a sudden the metal containers that many people use to store their garbage now need a large plastic bag inserted so that the can may be emptied by removing the bag, instead of picking up the can and dumping the contents.
You have now added another item to be purchased and disposed of at the landfill site.
You don’t need handles to life these cans—probably over 90 percent of them don’t ever hit 35 pounds of total weight.
It’s much simpler and less costly to those with these cans to place their kitchen garbage bags, and perhaps some other loose waste, in the can without adding one more plastic bag.
The last time I was at the landfill, it appeared there were thousands of plastic bags decorating the trees and surrounding area.
I’ve been down the lanes in Fort Frances thousands of times since arriving here and have noticed that rubber garbage cans are rolling around, blown by the wind, covers missing—metal cans seem to stand their ground.
Leave the garbage pickups system as it was. Scrap the “bag tag”—put it on our taxes, if you need.
And do something more positive about recycling. We don’t need to be threatened as it appears we are.
Walter Horban
Fort Frances, Ont.