Awesome support

Maureen Hanson

Dear editor:
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved with the Nestor Falls bid to become the “Ultimate Fishing Town” in Canada.
From the beginning of the World Fishing Network’s online competition, we had no idea that it would grow into the “event” that it did. Maybe if we did, we may never have started it.
But I must say, as one looking back even this closely behind it, that I would not have missed sharing the experience with all the people who worked tirelessly and almost round the clock to try to win it.
Hours upon hours of sitting in front of the computer at all times of the day and night plugging in votes. And knowing that there were others out there at the same time, from all over North America and even around the world, who were doing the same thing as you.
Call us crazy, but I know we all in the end received more in our souls than we gave up of our time.
Our combined sense of community spirit (and by community I don’t just mean the Nestor Falls community but the regional community, as well) is something that all of us will agree has been unprecedented. If we could only harness that spirit, we would show Canada and/or the world that nothing is impossible when we all work together.
To the other towns involved in the competition, I say congratulations to you, as well. To WFN, thank you for conceiving this competition. I’m sure you never dreamed it would turn out the way it did, either.
There are many challenges facing those of us who derive our incomes from sport fishing—specifically, trying to attract a new generation of fishing enthusiasts to sustain the industries that depend on them. This type of contest will help in that endeavour.
And finally to the Nestor Falls team (you know who you are). Whether you were sitting here in town, in Manitoba, other towns in Northwestern Ontario, Texas, Indiana, Missouri, and, yes, even in Port Alberni, and other areas of British Columbia, LOL . . . I am so thankful to you all.
Whether you were voting, giving technical advice, giving TV or radio interviews, rounding up support of some other kind, or, in the case of my husband and immediate family, doing what it took to allow me the time to devote to the contest, you are all the best.
Good on ya!
Most sincerely,
Maureen Hanson
Nestor Falls, Ont.