Awesome job

Mike Anderson

Dear editor:
I had the pleasure of watching the festival highlights concert at the Townshend Theatre on Sunday, May 8.
I am writing this letter to congratulate Mr. Brown of St. Michael’s School on the terrific job that he has done with his choir. Mr. Brown’s group performed in the festival and my daughter, Hannah, was part of this choir.
She has thoroughly enjoyed the experience being involved with Mr. Brown’s choir. I cannot say enough how impressed that my wife, Kim, and I are at the dedication he has shown practising with the group on recess and lunch breaks.
My daughter has been very engaged and hopes to continue singing with Mr. Brown’s choir.
I feel that the students at St. Michael’s School are very fortunate to have a qualified and passionate music teacher who continues to take the time to engage his students by tapping into their musical side. Sometimes, I feel that the arts are lost because of the continued strong emphasis on reading, writing, and math.
Again, congratulations to Mr. Brown for the awesome job he is doing with the St. Michael’s choir group and taking the time to tap into another very important component to learning: the arts.
Mike Anderson
Fort Frances, Ont.