Assisted living needed

M. Macklem

Dear editor,
On my recent visit to Fort Frances, “my hometown,” I was delighted to see its progress.
The cleanliness, the improved roads, and the beautiful riverfront really made me feel so proud of my town.
Touring the fabulous library, I was in awe of the facilities. The new Robert Moore School also looks impressive, although the old school is “very dear to my heart.”
My next stop was Rainycrest, where the staff does a wonderful job with its available assets.
It is my understanding that this facility could use a lot financial help to maintain high standards for our seniors.
What Fort Frances seems to need now, and should be on its priority list, is an assisted living complex. Here the seniors could maintain their independence in their own apartments, but are able to have meals and cleaning available to them.
This type of facility would be marvelous if built along the riverfront.
It has been discussed for years, but I don’t think the gravity of the situation for the elderly was ever fully evaluated and understood.
Where there’s a will, there’s a way!
M. Macklem