Are we sinking or swimming?

Dear editor,

I would like to express my concerns for the lack of recreational programs and amenities for families. Being a parent of two children under 5 there is not a lot of opportunities, especially during the past two years. So, when I find out that my child is waitlisted again for swimming lessons my first reaction is to ask the logistical questions. Is there available pool time, instructional staff, and is there demand besides my child. When classes fill up in one minute after registration opens are we sinking or swimming? The foundation of any program is its grass roots, so why are we as a community stunting and delaying swimmers’ development? With a town that is along the river and in lake country the advocacy to create a community of strong swimmers is a must. Swimming is a life skill not just an amenity or leisure recreation. We are LAKERS!! If it is a lack of instructors, then I urge the community to incentivize as a motivator to train more instructors. Bobbing in the meantime.

Kaleb Firth