Dear Mike:
Shaw’s new look (Channel 10) leaves a great deal to be desired! I’m appalled!
We do not require Shaw’s local channel covering the weather. Channel 50 (The Weather Network”) is fine, thank you.
Programs on Channel 10 have been significantly reduced (in size) with no full-screen coverage.
Regardless of the technical difficulties during the council meeting held on Monday night (Sept. 11), members seemed to be invisible. I was not sure whether all council members were in attendance while viewing Shaw’s “live” inaugural 2006/07 telecast season.
Sharing the screen with split images during “live programs” not only is distracting but unnecessary to viewing subscribers (i.e., TV Bingo, council meetings, etc.)
Hopefully, the program director can make immediate changes to the computerized agenda.
It’s been my observation Shaw’s current philosophy—in Northwestern Ontario, at least—appears to be “shared” programming (i.e., Channel 10 and Channel 80). Shameful!
Yours truly,
Larry Wood
Fort Frances, Ont.