Anthem thoughts

In reference to “Moving with Mike” (Jan. 21), I think Mike should take a look at any dictionary and see that an “anthem” is certainly not classed as anything other than a song of praise or devotion.
“O Canada” is, after all, our national anthem and it has been murdered often enough by any number of so-called “singers” who attempt to put their rock-and-roll twist to it.
As far as being boring, well, a lot of people find the type of music sung today not only boring but mind-numbing.
I am not too sure that comparing any other country’s national anthem (including that impossible to sing American one) has anything to do with our own. Boring it may well be but our words are no more ridiculous than the one that proclaims everyone south of our border is “free and brave.”
I agree with Mike in that we should possibly axe the singing of the anthem at sporting events. I don’t suppose Mike is old enough to remember when, at the conclusion of a movie in Canada, people used to gauge how close to the end the movie was coming so they could watch the last few seconds and still be far enough up the aisle so as to miss standing at attention for “God Save the King/Queen.”
I’ve often watched, with amusement, the writhing and wrigglings of the team members on ice or playing field as they attempted to do something they were obviously uncomfortable with; that is, to stand perfectly still for longer than a second.
As for calling a rock singer a class act that Canadians can be proud of, well, all I can add to that is “I’m kind of glad I’m checking out instead of checking in.”
G.W. Woollard
Emo, Ont.