Answers owed

Kathy Cederwall

Dear editor:
In August, 2003, I attended Stratton’s centennial. It was a celebration that I remember and cherish.
As part of the event, the Stratton Centennial Committee was compiling information from community members and former residents for a history book. A request for a $30 down payment was asked, with the balance to be paid at the time of delivery.
Due to an overwhelming response for the book, we received notices that it would not be available until 2004.
On Aug. 12, 2004, I received a note that the books were now in the final stages. In August, 2008, I received a letter of apology for the books taking so long and they finally were ready for the printers and notices would arrive shortly.
I have tried phoning several times this past year, leaving messages on an answering machine, but I haven’t received any return calls.
Enough is enough. Is there really going to be a history book? If so, when?
Someone on the Stratton Centennial Committee owes the people who made the down payments some answers.
Thank you for the space in your paper.
Kathy Cederwall
Red Rock, Ont.