Answers, accountability needed

David Kircher

Dear editor:
I have submitted the following to the Rainy River District School Board in anticipation of the board hiring a new director of education.
The operating deficit of the Fort Frances High School account—$106,000 in September, 2006 and $175,000 by September, 2007—was covered with board funds.
The transfer of funds from the board account to the high school account either must have been directed by the board and executed by the superintendent of business, or the board and management were not aware of this transfer of funds.
In either case, it was management’s responsibility to monitor and review the operational practices. Further, after detecting the missing funds, it also was management’s responsibility to investigate the operational practices that allowed this to go undetected for almost four years.
As there appears to have been no self-evaluation by management in this matter, my opinion is that it is incumbent upon this board to seek answers and accountability from its management team, and finally report to their constituents the status of the issue.
As the situation exists today, the Rainy River District School Board effectively has communicated to its staff, students, parents, and the general community that the RRDSB is not concerned with how well or how poorly staff complete their employment responsibilities.
Thank you,
David Kircher
Fort Frances, Ont.