An explanation

Dear editor:
If there was one, there were twenty people I met at the tent wanting to know why I was not in the bass tournament, so to clear the situation to others it was a matter of not receiving my entry fee for the draw on time.
I mailed my $200.00 cheque on September 19, 2001, but they did not receive it until October 3, three days past the deadline of September 30, 2001.
I know that Canada Post can be late at times but not fifteen days for a letter to go from Nestor Falls to Fort Frances.
There was a mistake made here which I was the victim of circumstances.
Being in the tournament from the beginning (1995-2001) and out of it this year was very disappointing to say the least, as my time is limited and can ill afford to miss out.
I put in five days pre-fishing hoping for an opening or replacement with another team, but no takers.
Rainy Lake is my favourite even without winning anything, but the hurt was lessened by making the Fall Tournament out at Birch Point Resort on Northwest Bay, Rainy Lake.
Mike Baranowski