Amazing support

Dear editor:
Hello to the people in Rainy River District.
I want to help people understand what’s happening in our district. To do that, I need you to do this little exercise for me.
Tonight when you sit down at the dinner table, I need you to look at that meat on your table—beef , pork, chicken, turkey, even sausage.
1. Can you tell me what month and year that meat was born in?
2. Can you tell me what province/country it originated from?
3. Can you tell me which individual farm the meat came?
4. Can you tell me if that meat had any injuries or treatments anywhere on its entire body in its entire life?
5. Can you tell me how many hands the meat passed through before it got on your plate?
The list could go on and on.
So, if you can answer all those questions about your meat, maybe you have the right to question my meat! We have the answers: Local Food for Local People.
The rumours and gossip racing around the district is unbelievable. Get the facts.
The support for the farmers in the district has been amazing. Thank you. The rallies held at Sunrise Meat were huge with many farmer and non-farm people there.
The committee, along with Paul and Susan Peters, deserve a huge pat on the back and all our support.
Carol Angus
P.S. Let’s get this issue resolved so we can get some sleep!