Amazing grin

Heather Gustafson

Dear editor:
In memory of my friend, Jack McComb.
Anyone who has lived on Rainy Lake, visited McComb’s Landing, stopped at The Great Bear, or were just good old friends of Jack knew a solid and steady man with an amazing grin that kept you on your toes.
I was lucky enough to have worked with Jack at The Great Bear. We always had great advice for each other, and seemed more like brother and sister.
We went through a lot together—good and bad times with lots of fun in between. We were always playing jokes on each other, as well as on my brother, Greg.
Jack had a special nickname for me: “Swedey.”
His mother and partner, Pat, were the only ones who knew this and I will forever be Jack’s “Swedey.”
Jack chose a way of life that allowed him to be with God or the “Higher Power” daily. He always said his land up the lakes was his church.
I know that my dear friend, Jack McComb, will be watching over his camp with a great big grin, knowing that Pat is keeping the home fires burning.
’Til we meet again.
Your “Swedey,”
Heather Gustafson