Access needed now

Dear editor:
I am writing to express my opinion in regards to plans for a new library.
As we all know, the Town of Fort Frances has outgrown the current site and a new building is desperately needed. Space is limited and the building is not handicap-accessible.
The accessibility issue is especially important to me as the parent of a disabled child who has not been able to access the services and programs offered by the Children’s Department for the past 10 years.
She is not the only one. Generations of children have grown up not being able to access the Children’s Department, not able to socialize with their peers, not able to participate. Excluded.
The new library sounds heavenly. My understanding is that once fundraising begins (next year), once plans have been finalized, and once construction begins, the board hopes to see the new library available to the public in 2010.
If all goes to plan.
My question is this: What does the board plan to do to make the library accessible to disabled people in the meantime? Four or five years is a long time to wait. I know, we’ve been waiting for 10.
Don’t let more kids grow up without their right to use the library. Make them a priority right now. I look forward to hearing of your solutions and plans—not excuses and expressions of sympathy.
Joanne Davis
Fort Frances, Ont.