Abattoir supported

Dear editor:
I would like to begin by saying that Deb and I are in favour of the abattoir coming to Emo. Let me explain why.
As mentioned in an earlier article in the Fort Frances Times, the site selected has four things the facility needed, those of which are: three-phase power, water, proximity to the waste treatment lagoon, and the correct industrial specified zone.
These reduce the cost of the abattoir dramatically.
Next of all, in a previous letter to the editor, the writer was concerned about smell and other issues. Let me share our experiences we had with our former abattoir in Stratton.
On many occasions we were at the abattoir on kill days and also the day after. The animals coming in were penned inside, not outside (which is not the case with the large killing plants, causing the barnyard smell). There were no smells coming from the building, and when you went inside everything was clean.
Since we lost this facility about 20 years ago, I am certain the Ministry of Environment has added many regulations for the construction and operation of an abattoir.
I am certain there are questions and concerns out there about the abattoir, however, those of us who need this abattoir so we can continue to sell local beef to local people would ask that you get your information and answers from the proper people, that being the abattoir committee.
Ted & Deb Zimmerman
Emo, Ont.