A simple solution

Dear sir:
Recently, David’s Deli asked town council to lift the financial burden of “bag tabs” to help it continue to provide free meals to those who need a lift in life.
At first glance, the $1 tags don’t appear to be a big deal. But if David’s Deli generates 10 bags of garbage weekly (after recycling), the cost suddenly could add up to more than $500 per year.
David’s Deli has earned the respect and support of many local businesses, individuals, churches, and service clubs through their positive humanitarian efforts. But rather than allow them to become dependent upon local taxpayers, let’s try another solution.
We have an opportunity to both tell them how much we appreciate their ministry and, at the same time, encourage the dedicated volunteers to keep up the good work as the cold winter months approach.
Here’s our suggestion. During the next week, take the strip of bag tags we all have attached to our fridges with magnets an drop them off in David’s Deli mail box.
The deli is located in the Joy of Life Fellowship Church on Armit Avenue (half-a-block north of Second Street East).
Finding hundreds of freely-donated bag tags stuffed in the mail box at 714 Armit Ave. would be true Fort Frances solution. We encourage everyone to join us in this affordable, simple solution of support and encouragement.
Most sincerely,
Bud and Fay Edwards
Fort Frances, Ont.