A real pleasure

Arlene Georgeson

Dear Mike:
It has been with great pride and pleasure that I, along with many members of Beta Sigma Phi, have devoted countless volunteer hours at the Townshend Theatre since it opened 10 years ago.
After all the other work was completed, and the grand opening on the horizon, it was suggested by a few that this was an opportunity for us to be more visible in our community—and we agreed.
Since then, you’ve seen us as almost every event, in our black and white, ushering, in the box office, handing out programs, and directing traffic flow.
So I’m hoping someone will at least notice that Beta Sigma Phi members are no longer front and centre at theatre events. After 10 years of service to our community in this capacity, we’ve decided to discontinue this commitment—and notice has been given to the town.
I know I, for one, will miss it.
I know that performers from outside our area frequently have commented on the great condition the Townshend Theatre is in, and are pleased to have someone else around to help them with questions.
I believe that George Bell and the theatre committee is now looking for volunteers to help fill this role and continue our efforts. I would urge anyone interested to call and submit their names.
You can gather people you know from groups and organizations to assist you—even a group of friends. In fact, the more people who volunteer, the less the time commitment on anyone’s part.
I’d ask everyone to consider taking an active, fun role in your community and its cultural events.
It’s been a blast; we have some fabulous local talent. I’ve enjoyed both the patrons and the entertainers. I hope that we can continue to keep the theatre active, filled to capacity, clean, and well-maintained.
It also has been my pleasure to work with a wonderful group of sorority women. We’ll continue to be active in our community, so keep your eyes open for us.
Arlene Georgeson
Fort Frances, Ont.