A nuclear ballot issue

Dear editor,

I watched the federal election debate last night and one thing became very clear to me. A large part of the debate was on climate change and what would each leader will do to meet their targets on carbon reduction.

Expanding Nuclear power will be a primary part of the conservative’s plan as Mr. O’Toole stated they would invest in modular nuclear plants to be deployed across the country. The Liberal leader Justin Trudeau has already invested $50 million in the development of these modular nuclear plants so the Liberal’s path to “so called” clean and green energy is also clear. The other leaders NDP, Green and the Bloc said they would invest in renewable energies.

I would assume that Mr. Trudeau and Mr. O’Toole are educated people and what I don’t understand is how they can call the use of nuclear power a path to clean green energy. The nuclear industry has and is still producing thousands of tons of highly toxic radioactive waste with no absolute solution on how to dispose of it other than a proposed nuclear waste dump here in N.W. Ontario. Nuclear waste is and will be with us for eternity. So my vote will be certainly not be cast with the Liberals or Conservatives.  If they support an industry that produces deadly toxic waste and their solution is to send it to an economically depressed part of NW Ontario then they obviously are out of touch with the people of this region. We deserve better than that.

James F. Kimberley