A credit to Fort Frances

Dear editor:
Last weekend while at our cottage in the Morson area, a very nice black Lab came to visit. He was very hungry and skinny, having been on the move for a while, I imagine.
Our family loves animals, having dogs in all our households, so he came to the right place! We fed him and let him stay in our tool shed for the first night.
The next night he was in the cottage, lying side-by-side with the other dogs. We knew he was special and had to be saved!
We placed signs in the both stores in the area and asked around, but had no response after three days. I then called the Rainy River municipal office to inquire if there was a shelter in the area. Mr. Giles said no but gave me the phone number of a vet in Fort Frances.
The gal there said there was nothing in Fort Frances regarding a shelter and gave me the OSPCA’s phone number, which she said was in Kenora.
Once I called there, the magic started. And let me tell you, you do have animal friends in Fort Frances as they help us place this beautiful dog.
Once I called the OSPCA’s phone number and told them my problem, a member of “Friends of Animals” in Fort Frances returned my call. I explained that this was a great dog with people, kids, and other dogs and well-worth finding a great home.
She started the ball rolling. Our job was to get the dog to the Rainy River vet clinic and Dr. Herbert to get the required shots so he could be boarded until a good home was found (he came in special on the Saturday morning of the long weekend).
We then took it to a boarding kennel—which the “Friends of Animals” member had arranged for—until she returned from her holiday weekend on the Tuesday.
The purpose of this letter is to let the people of Fort Frances know that there are people who go above and beyond to help defenceless animals.
Our fondest wish is that people who own pets take the same responsibility that you would with humans in the family.
We are glad we had the opportunity to see “Friends of Animals” in action when it comes to animals. Its members are a credit to Fort Frances.
Thank you,
Arlene Wilson