Worthwhile drive

Fresh on the heels of raising $3.5 million locally for the Phase IV renovations at La Verendrye Hospital, the Riverside Foundation for Health Care is poised to embark on another ambitious project—coming up with $1.5 million by January for a CT scan here.
Yes, you read that right: $1.5 million in six months.
Is that asking too much? The Times’ web poll this past week showed more than half of those who responded only would be willing to donate less than $100 towards the purchase—while just 13.8 percent said they were prepared to cough up more than $500.
Are district residents starting to feel a little fatigued when it comes to fundraising these days? After all, on top of the hospital renovations, more than $70,000 was generated by the “Relay for Life” just last month.
Then there’s all those raffle tickets floating around by groups ranging from the “Community Chest” to Fun in the Sun and the Muskie Football Touchdown Club. Nor can we forget all the other worthwhile charities looking to raise money each year through barbecues, walk-a-thons, appeals, lotteries, and the like.
Add all that to inflation, as well as higher taxes and user fees at the municipal level, and no wonder wallets are starting to get quite thin.
This is, however, the new reality. Basically, if we, as a community or district, want or need something, it will be up to us to pay for most—if not all—of it. In the case of a CT scan, the province no longer is funding equipment purchases, meaning we’d have to foot the entire bill for such a unit.
As well, putting off the CT scan drive, say for a year or two, likely won’t make much difference given these same charities and causes still will be around then, too.
Having a CT scan right at La Verendrye would be a huge benefit for district residents—just by reducing wait times and eliminating travel to far-away cities. But it also is sure to save lives.
That, hopefully, is a strong enough reason to persuade people to dip a little deeper into their pockets and fuel this latest campaign towards a successful conclusion.