Win-win deal

Having the local “Relay for Life” join forces with the Riverside Foundation for Health Care is a win-win pairing that’s sure to benefit both organizations.
The two groups do an excellent job on their own. The Foundation, thanks to the dedication and creativity of its Special Events committee, has raised an incredible amount of money over the years for everything from hospital renovations to the CT Scanner.
The “Relay for Life,” meanwhile, rings up tens of thousands of dollars each June in the fight against cancer.
There’s also no question, however, that both groups always can use some revamping to inject new life and energy into their respective fundraising efforts—particularly as the Foundation prepares to embark on its “Together We Can” campaign this fall to raise $650,000 to purchase a digital mammography unit.
A partnership—in which the “Relay” would donate every dollar raised over its goal to the Foundation for up to five years, with the requirement that the money goes to a cancer prevention or treatment program—is the perfect solution. More people likely would participate in the “Relay,” or make a pledge, knowing more of the funds would stay local while the Foundation, in turn, has yet another revenue source.
The big winners, though, are district residents, whether it’s being assured of quality care “close to home” or accessing much-needed programs and supports as they or a loved one battle cancer.
This joint venture demonstrates how innovative thinking and co-operation can make for a greater good, and is a shining example for others to follow.