Talk to your candidates

Ontario municipal elections will take place on the fourth Monday of October.
This will be a transforming election in Fort Frances since many from the existing council are choosing to retire and two councilors have chosen to challenge each other to become the next mayor of Fort Frances.
Lawn signs are already spread through the community, promoting candidates. Even more election literature and signage will be seen and distributed immediately following Labour Day.
Fort Frances made a decision to go with online and cell phone voting for this year’s election hoping that it will attract more voters. The voting will begin on Oct. 15–one week prior to election day.
The community and district has changed a great deal in the last four years and the councils not only in Fort Frances but across the district are all facing new challenges.
It becomes very important that every citizen or property owner in each community is registered to vote. One can go to to make sure that you are on the voters list. If you are not, then it is important to become registered.
Changing assessments will transfer taxes between the communities of the district.
Our district continues to struggle to attract doctors and all communities will be called upon to assist in attracting through financial commitments. With doctor retirements on the horizon, even though it is not a mandate of councils to assist in doctor recruitment, councils do have a responsibility for the health and safety of their citizens.
You should be asking each candidate: “What are the issues you wish to direct your energies to on council? Is it health, infrastructure, community safety, recreation, or community arts?”
You should also ask each candidate: “What can make the area more attractive to draw young families to the area?”
Your vote will count and the questions you demand councilors and mayor candidates answer will make your decision on how you will cast your vote better.
–Jim Cumming