Support tourney

The Fort Frances Canadian Bass Championship is upon us once again—and once again its success hinges on residents turning out to support it.
The board of directors certainly has done its part. Hampered by a deficit from last year’s tournament, it was forced to cut to the bone just to make sure this important community event stayed afloat. Gone is “Daytime Land” and big-name headliners for the night-time entertainment, for instance, yet the board still managed to put together nearly a full week of activities appealing to a wide range of ages and interests.
There are the weigh-ins, of course, as well as the always-popular parade of boats. A teen dance went last night, the annual “Quest for the Best” singing contest goes tonight, and bands will hit the stage both Friday and Saturday night. And let’s not forget all the suppers, including chicken and ribs by Todd Moxham, a Fort Frances Lakers’ fish fry, and the “world-famous” Kiwanis steak fry to close things out.
All that’s needed now is for people to head down to the Memorial Sports Centre to enjoy all the action and spend money—revenue the bass tournament depends on to keep going year after year.
The importance of the FFCBC cannot be understated. First and foremost, it gives residents something to do each July, whether it’s cheering on their favourite teams or socializing over a beverage, and should be a source of community spirit and pride.
Then there’s the economic impact the tournament brings to local businesses, not to mention all the publicity for our town and beautiful Rainy Lake that money simply can’t buy.
In a nutshell, the demise of the FFCBC would be a real blow to our community.
Reviving the FFCBC to its glory days won’t be easy. But if we ever want to see “Daytime Land” and big-name bands return, as well as a move back to the Sorting Gap Marina, it all starts with residents showing their support this week.
The very future of the tournament could well hang in the balance.