Season’s greetings

Almost 60 percent of the 180-plus who responded to last week’s Web poll still did not consider themselves in the Christmas spirit—with the big day now just a week away.
But you certainly wouldn’t know that by looking around town. As one letter writer on this page already has observed, Fort Frances truly does look beautiful at night as Scott Street, the Civic Centre, and people’s homes shine brightly and colourfully with the festive spirit.
Equally important, the generosity of district residents and businesses remains as solid as ever as we join together during this special season to lend a helping hand to those less fortunate, whether it’s students filling boxes with non-perishable food items, people emptying their pockets of change at a Salvation Army kettle, or furry critters flying onto the ice during the second-annual “Teddy Bear Toss.”
All are poignant reminders of the true meaning of Christmas.
Yes, no matter how hard we try or how often we vow not to let it happen year after year, this last week leading up to Christmas will be frantic with last-minute gift buying, wrapping, decorating, and baking. But, hopefully, everyone then can settle down Christmas Eve with family and friends and enjoy what is most important—if only for a few days.
To our valued readers, advertisers, and contributors, without whom we could not produce a newspaper week in and week out, the Times’ family extends to you and yours best wishes for a very Merry Christmas.
And may the peace and goodwill of the season stay with you throughout 2003.