Season to give

While there’s credence to the notion that Christmas has become too commercialized, the power of a gift–no matter the size or cost–cannot be denied.

It shows us that someone, somewhere is thinking of us. This is appreciated all the more by those of us who may be alone at Christmas.

“The “Tree of Christmas Giving” was set up this week at Rainycrest Long Term Care. In the past, Riverside internally has provided a small gift for each resident at the home.

But this year, with the “Tree of Christmas Giving,” they’ve opened it up to let community members get in on the giving if they so choose. With other changes taking place at Rainycrest, including ongoing renovations, the “Tree of Christmas Giving” is a way to invite the community to be a part of the home and also make a resident’s Christmas bright.

The “Tree of Christmas Giving,” located in the front lobby of Rainycrest, is covered with tags corresponding to every individual living there. No names are used–only information as to what is the resident’s gender and size.

Everyone, whether they’re a staff member, friends and relatives of residents, or students, can then remove a tag, fill the request (get the gift), and then return the gift and tag to the activation department at Rainycrest by Dec. 18. Staff there will wrap the gift and deliver it to the resident on Christmas Eve.

Some suggested gifts that are safe for all residents include sweaters, blankets, socks, large print books, CD players and music, good quality razors, watches and jewellery, and arm rest organizers.
Gifts inappropriate for certain residents may include food, liquids, breakables, or items with pins.
If you’re looking for a new way to give back to our community this holiday season, consider the “Tree of Christmas Giving.”

The harsh reality is, not all residents have family who visit them often; in some cases, residents don’t have any living relatives or friends. Your gift may be the only one indication to that individual that it’s Christmas time at all–and that someone is thinking of them.

–Duane Hicks