Salute our youth

Most people appreciate a little recognition for their contributions, but unfortunately we all can be somewhat negligent in giving it.
Others, especially the young people in our community, don’t consider what they do to be deserving of recognition. Yet, a little recognition goes a long way to reinforce the importance of contributions to our community.
As your local community newspaper, we are proud to be able to offer the 2006 Ontario Junior Citizen of the Year Awards so we can recognize the outstanding contributions and achievements of young people—right here on these pages.
Please help us by nominating a young person, aged six-17, who is involved in community service, has performed acts of heroism; is contributing to the community while living with limitations; or is a good kid who shows a commitment to make life better for others, possibly doing things not expected of someone their age.
Under the program, each nominee receives a certificate of recognition from their community newspaper. Then up to 12 of the nominees and one group will be honoured as Ontario Junior Citizens of the Year during a special ceremony in Toronto in March, 2007.
Nominations will be accepted until Nov. 30. Forms and further information is available here at the Times or online at, or by calling the Ontario Community Newspapers Association at 1-905-639-8720 ext. 235.
Nominate a young person today; they deserve to get a little recognition from our community.
It’s up to us.