Right decision

The Downtown Core Committee deserves applause for having the wisdom—and backbone—to pull the plug on the roundly-criticized proposal to change some traffic flow patterns in Fort Frances, particularly the plan to close Central Avenue and instead re-route U.S.-bound vehicles down Mowat Avenue towards the bridge.
Kudos, too, to the majority of town council who voted Monday night to accept the committee’s decision and thus put the brakes on the idea before any more time—or one dime of taxpayers’ money—was wasted pursuing it further.
The proposal was ludicrous from the get-go. Frankly, who in their right mind would think that merging the lane of U.S. tourists with local traffic at the intersection of Central Avenue and Second Street East, then having them congest Mowat Avenue (creating the need for a set of lights at the corner of Mowat and First Street East, not to mention making the 100 blocks of Scott Street and First dead-ends and adding an extra block both east and west to the wait time for already impatient motorists), was preferable to the current situation in which Central Avenue offers the most direct and simple route to the bridge?
Yet there was Mayor Dan Onichuk and Coun. John Albanese actually voting against the Downtown Core Committee’s own recommendation on the grounds that council already had committed to seeing the process through, which obviously trumped public opinion—and common sense.
Fortunately, the others listened to the people, and the committee, and nipped a bad idea that never should have seen the light of day in the first place.