Refreshing reminder

This is no time to be walking around wearing rose-coloured glasses. Fort Frances, as well as Rainy River District on the whole, face their share of problems these days—higher taxes and user fees, fewer services, the closure of small businesses, and the steady outmigration of our youth.
Yet, while we may have reason to gripe, it’s also easy to lose sight of the big picture. To forget about what we really do have here. The Suarez family, recently arrived here from Cuba thanks to some extraordinary efforts by some local couples, offers that telling reminder.
Their story about life in Cuba—where food is rationed, wages are dirt cheap, and government control suffocates any sense of freedom—is a sharp contrast to the lifestyle they’re only beginning to grasp here in Canada. A lifestyle we take for granted all too often.
Yet, obviously, it’s one which so many people like Jorge Suarez are willing to do almost anything to taste—including leaving behind relatives in their home country, perhaps never to see again.
Sure, we have our problems—serious ones that need to be solved, not swept under the rug, so we can continue to enjoy the lifestyle we’ve become accustomed to in Fort Frances and Rainy River District.
But Mr. Suarez said he and his family have a message for Canadians, especially young people: “We want to tell everybody to appreciate the freedom they have. This is paradise.”
Yes, yes it is.