Real inspiration

Say what you will about Rainy River District but one thing is clear: despite the economic struggles our area continues to face, residents always come through when asked.
Whether it’s a call for donations to build a new theatre, arena, or library, to fund much-needed medical equipment, to support those less fortunate during the Christmas season, or to offer refuge to a family fleeing their war-torn homeland, you can be sure it gets answered in a big way.
Case in point—the ongoing “Families for Families” fundraising effort. In the six short weeks since the committee was struck back on Oct. 15, district residents not only met the $35,000 goal but exceeded it.
So much so that organizers now can bring in a refugee family of six, instead of five as initially planned.
And with the campaign opting to continue through to its original Christmas Eve deadline, it’s an opportunity to raise more money to help the incoming family—and perhaps even allow a second one to call our community home.
What an amazing gesture—but no surprise, either, given the generosity and hospitality for which our district is renowned.
It’s an inspiration to other small communities across the country on what role we all can play in helping meet Canada’s target to bring in 25,000 refugees by the end of February.
More importantly, it’s a message to the world—in the wake of those devastating attacks in Paris last month—on how compassion always will trump fear no matter how hard the terrorists try.
Kudos to Kathy Mueller, and those who stepped forward to help her, for undertaking this initiative and for reminding us all what a big impact a mere few can make if they put their hearts and minds to it.