One for the ages

Just when you thought the turmoil surrounding the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party couldn’t get any more ridiculous, it did.
After being turfed from the PC caucus on Friday morning, former leader Patrick Brown arrived at party headquarters that afternoon to enter the leadership race with about an hour to spare before the registration deadline.
That’s right, Mr. Brown tossed his hat into the ring to replace himself at the party’s helm after having triggered the race in the first place by resigning in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations against him while serving as a federal Conservative MP.
Mr. Brown clearly still has support in the party, as evidenced by the number of PC MPPs and candidates for the upcoming June election that flanked him at a campaign-style event Saturday morning. What still wasn’t clear, though, was whether the party brass will let him run for the leadership, with a decision expected sometime today.
Whatever the outcome, the timing of the party’s implosion–with election day just over three months away–could not be worse.
The June 7 election is shaping up to be one for the ages–but for the wrong reasons.