Much-needed lift

You can’t blame district residents if they’re not in much of a party mood these days.
Countless residents, farmers, and businesses are still cleaning up from the flood damage caused by torrential rains two weeks ago—while those with lakefront property continue to watch helplessly as Rainy Lake rises relentlessly to near record levels.
On the other hand, a dedicated group of volunteers has worked tirelessly to organize another edition of “Fun in the Sun,” planning a myriad of activities over the next few days that will culminate Monday with Canada Day festivities.
And really, after enduring the wrath of Mother Nature for a second-straight year, a good dose of “Fun in the Sun” is just the prescription needed to raise everyone’s spirits again.
Certainly, things have gotten off to a good start. Those who shrugged off yet another downpour Saturday afternoon were wowed by the energetic lineup offered at Culturama, while the entertainment night for the FITS king/queen pageant drew a full house at Warp 9 on Sunday night.
There’s a full slate of activities tomorrow as the BIA stages its annual “Mall Day” on Scott Street, along with the pie/dessert sale at Knox United as well as the fish-and-chips luncheon at St. John’s. Then kiddies can enjoy the ever-popular Teddy Bear Picnic on Friday at the library.
And then there’s Canada Day!
Hats off to everyone involved in staging “Fun in the Sun.” You’ve kept alive a fine community tradition that comes precisely when the community needs it most. Enjoy.
Let’s hope Mother Nature gives us a break, too.